Jack regarded sexual education as the adaptation of the animal sex drive in man, presumably present at birth, to human culture.

Jack’s concept of sexual reality combined the perverse baby model (the animal sex drive, basically Freudian) with what he called the chance model of material change (basically Darwinist).

Speaking in more general terms the perverse baby model holds that at birth human beings have an undirected sexual drive.
Sexual arousal can be achieved through stimulation of any of the erogenous zones (e.g. the oral, anal or genital regions) and is bi-sexual in nature. This type of arousal is "natural sex" for the human baby.

By pure chance heterosexual genital intercourse has led to procreation.
This is a consequence of the fact that the flow of reality is determined by chance instead of purpose (which would require a "master plan").

In this context it is not difficult to imagine that it is extremely unlikely for animals to see a link between heterosexual genital intercourse and the emergence of offspring (much later).
They have sex because they are driven to it.

Birth of offspring later is almost certainly experienced as an unrelated event.
A similar situation must have existed for primitive man.
Much later in the history of the human species the sex -> offspring link was possibly discovered in a moment of insight. From then on it could be used for powerful indoctrination.

By linking genital heterosexual intercourse to the creation of offspring and dictating that this was the only purpose of sex, rulers could now control the sex drive of their people and increase their efficiency as workers through manipulation of the guild complex.

Sex only for the purpose of creating offspring, with the bond of marriage to care for it, gradually became the only "natural sex" for modern socialized man. It became the basis of sexual education.
This doctrine obviously resulted in considerable reduction of human sexual activity and sexual variety of the baby type and thus in the reduction of sexual addiction with neuroses from internal conflict about the forbidden baby-time desires as a (perhaps relatively small) price to pay.

When considering "Sexual education" Jack thought of the process incorporating the principles described above.

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