Jack had read some of the writings of the German philosopher Werner von Brecht who coined the term collective paranoid syndrome during to the dying hours of the Third Reich.

Referring to "criminal" conglomerates (which could be organized crime, but also Corporations or States) von Brecht states:

Die kriminelle Kritikalität wird dann erreicht, wenn kriminelle Vorgehensweisen über nicht-kriminelle Vorgehensweisen bekräftigt werden. Dieser Zustand könnte dann den Aufstieg von kriminellen Einzelpersonen oder Gruppen begünstigen. Hierbei könnte es sich um organisiertes Verbrechen, Korporationen, Parteien oder Staaten handeln.

Solche Konglomerate operieren unvermeidlich mit verborgenen Motiven, mit Doktrinen, die auf gefälschten Informationen beruhen sowie dem massiven Gebrauch von unbelegten Datensammlungen über Einzelpersonen und Gruppen, die nach Bedarf angepaßt werden.

Dies ist der Nährboden für das Paranoidsyndrom der Einzelperson und das kollektive Paranoidsyndrom des Makrobio-Staates. Letztendlich profitiert keiner davon.

(Partly translated into English:

"...such conglomerates inevitably operate through hidden motives, doctrines based on falsified information and the massive use of unverified data-bases on individuals and groups, adapted to meet their purpose.

This is the breeding ground for the paranoid syndrome in man and the collective paranoid syndrome in ... (groups)"

The CPS refers to a condition where a large group of people, e.g. an entire State or Nation, or the human race, reacts in a manner typical of a paranoid psychosis.

The size of the group would be determined by the size of daily communication area which is determined by the reach of the media, since it is mainly through the media that groups are indoctrinated and the collective mind emerges.

Individuals and groups within that area could develop a collective paranoid syndrome under certain conditions, notably when they think their existence is threatened (e.g. in periods of ordinary or economic depression).

A community with complex interaction channels involving large scale conversation espionage (such as telephone taps, hidden microphones or even needle size video camera’s transmitting to audiovisual systems efficiently linked to databases) is thought to be an example of an ideal breeding ground for the CPS.

Jack had become very specialized in computer technology.

Also having read VON BRECHT’S theory on the development of the COLLECTIVE PARANOID SYNDROME, the combination may have made him extremely vulnerable to a similar condition...

He used to lecture me about it...  I give you some of his thoughts:

Today every human being in the open on earth can be photographed, even from a satellite.

This photograph, processed through a neural computer, within minutes will process a printed biography of this person (any person) including all his medical files, financial history including ( e.g. from credit cards) his daily shopping list (type and amount of toilet paper she uses!), tax position and history, his exact whereabouts in his somewhat recent past and present from second to second (if he carries a buzzer or portable phone).

In fact it would be extremely difficult to imagine anything that could not be immediately printed out from any person this way. His telephone and/or internet records will provide a personality profile and relation clusters no psychological testing battery could match.

If these data would, for some reason or other n o t show up in print immediately (say to the average policeman) such a person would immediately be extremely suspect.

They would say: ""He must be hiding a hell of a lot ! Who’s protecting him...??!!).

Only a savage, a "natural", photographed in a remote tundra or polar region, could be a "data blank" without being suspicious...but then again...this would be a savage...and are t h e y not dangerous by wild animals..?

One problem would be that the people operating these devices, the specialists, would become extremely paranoid themselves.

They would use these devices among themselves in their ordinary peer rivalry interaction patterns, taping each others conversations whenever they could... and even if they did not... they would have to consider their colleagues might...after all, they would all be specialists...

Jack used to say these where wonderful developments in the fight against organized crime and resistance against the "benign shepherd".

One problem could arise when the shepherd got confused by his own spy technology and decided to herd his lambs to the slaughterhouse...who would know if this was happening...

The problem is they never say when...
And when even a rose in the wrong hands, e.g.when jammed into a lamb’s throat, may cause death...
Jack felt that today, in the dying hours of the second millennium, electronics had developed into the manner just described.
This was a description from layman’s knowledge. God only knew what the specialists could already do...
And the development of these new super spy technologies had only just begun!
Jack used to say they made BIG BROTHER and 1984 look like Kindergarten in Paradise... only good to make people feel at ease...if that was all...
Would this be our heritage to the children of the New Era?
Without a warning?

If Jack’s death could serve as a warning that this type of society could easily develop in the first decade of the third millennium, his young life would have been well spend...
Even when dying in my arms, asking me to put my hand on his brow because he was getting so cold, he looked at the hand full of fear, the way he had recently done many times, wondering if... I...was not holding a gun to execute him...

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