Our new years message for 2007 will be about the future and the past :


Looking back we see a planet in evolution at what appears to be an ever accelerating rate .

Never have changes been so dramatic as in the last century, never so dramatic as in the last part of that century and the few years in the next .

It is tempting to consider this as progress as long as we remember that in a universe basically governed by bi-polarity all things have at least one opposite and we can not have one without the other . . .

Perhaps the most impressive thing humans have been confronted with most recently is our almost instant communication on a global level resulting in cultural diffusion at an unsurpassed rate .

This coming year we will concentrate on what we consider the most important topics (with related link clusters) on which we could perhaps give a sensible view .

We will try to concentrate on topics where we have specialized knowledge . Our plans for the coming year include extensive research in the related areas.

These topics will include addictions, with a special emphasize on computer / internet addictions (notably to serve our Chinese brothers who according to our latest information now have a "computer population" of some 132.000.000, ) and e.g. causes and consequences of overweight (e.g. diabetes) as another price of progress .

Considering and (partly) conforming to new ideologies we may create channels which could serve to illustrated how we can help each other e.g. as we hope to illustrate with our book .

Looking back and looking ahead we will elaborate on democracy and transparency , culture , the internet , malignancy and chaos , genocide and globalization , Europe and lemmings and some of our related addresses .

We will do our best to produce a positive view of what lies ahead of us and in any case we wish you all the very best for the coming year !

Staff of GM and Stichting The Unicorn Foundation .



Transparency ?  Internet ?  Democracy ?  Genocide ?   Malignancy ?  Lemmings ?  Chaos ?  Culture ? Europe ?  Globalization ?  Addresses ?