Jack believed that the Internet was the ultimate product of computer technology.

He believed that it was the mechanism that would finally unite all men into one global organism of which the Internet would be the brain.

He thought that this planetary brain was a metaphysical reality that would ultimately become self- aware in a way comparable to the realization of personality self-awareness in babies as an emergent property of the neuronal mass.

He believed that the greatest danger to the planet would be that this brain would become the brain of a malignant global superpower, finally belonging to just a few, or even one man, using computer technology to exploit all the others.

His nightmare vision of the New Era : a planet that had to be "saved from overpopulation". Two man playing golf in all the Titanic lifeboats, floating around empty, just serving as golf holes, surrounded by floating corpses.

His thinking about this global organism was influenced by the German philosopher Werner von Brecht (please see below for the relevant text from Werner von Brecht written down by J P Krol in his book Die Kehlstein Verschworung under his authors' name Haylitt Retief).
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We may have to emphasize that our environment is basically endless... ...if not, what would come after the end ?
Recently we have been occupied with the microorganisms in the "
Modified Seventh Closer Specified"...
...but we will or may elaborate on Kosmos (Universe) later .

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