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Elaborating :

One very serious problem that may need more attention concerns the storage of medicines under (even moderately) high temperatures considering the airconoco-divide .

Many relevant specialist may live or work in locations in the "airco domain" of this divide .

They may have no way of knowing that the (e.g. storage) instruction of some very important medicines in "common" use can not possibly be met by the "noco group".

This requires experienceknowledge (s.v.p. see Yahoo atw : Globalmind experienceknowledge) .

Elaborating :

Storage instructions may contain limits between e.g. +15 and +25 degrees centigrade .

Even now in many many "noco homes" such locations hardly exist on an average spring or summer day .

If they have refrigerators these rarely -if ever - have storage facilities above +15 degrees centigrade and in the home itself there rarely if ever are locations below +25 degrees .

Bearing in mind what a few drops of oil can do . . . well . . . it must be something . . .

And Global Warming has only just begun . . .


Consequences :

When consequently these medicines loose (or change) their effects , the results

- e.g loss of recuperation sleep and its consequences in dynamic-interaction with e.g. accumulation of stressors under globalization { "kill the baby's in Israel" ? } -

could have a serious effect on society as a whole . . .

To obtain scientifically valid and precise guidelines concerning what to do if these limits can not be achieved would be very difficult . . .

The text above is based on relevant specialist imputes we have very recently received .

We will further elaborate on the above depending on more imputes we may receive .

One very important thing to bear in mind is to stay cool (!) and count our blessings under the abundance of "information" that is flooding our minds in this new era .

The fact that we now also have the internet for an instantaneous exchange of "knowledge" on these matters is undoubtedly an argument in favor of the existence of GOD (s) guiding humanity to compensate our problems with solutions as we try to find our way . . .

Hoping to serve you all ,



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